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When i’m not being a documentary wedding photographer I am very much the type of person who loves to spend my spare time with my family either at home or on our travels – They’re the centre of my universe and I couldn’t want for more.

My amazing wife Paula runs a guest house in the heart of Chester. I also have a son Charlie who loves football and gaming. We have a dog called Pippa who is a cross between a Bedlington terrier and a poodle.

I love photography as you may have already guessed, i’m a keen observer of people. In fact I find people fascinating. I photograph weddings in a less than traditional way as you can see in my wedding blog  which will give you a good flavour for my shooting style which is candid reportage photography. I love black and white monotone images. I love the timelessness in them and how they look in print.

In my spare time I love to go for days out to the beach with my family, mountain bike rides to our local quarry, dog walks with Pippa (the bedoodle or some may say poodlington), bbq’s and surfing and lots more…..

My passion for photography started simply when I realised I could freeze a precious moment of honesty and emotion still in time. It’s so rewarding creating something special and timeless which otherwise could and most probably would have gone unnoticed by the blink of an eye. My love for wedding photography stems from wanting to play a part in what is a happy occasion. Capturing these precious moments candidly as a documentary wedding photographer can be very challenging, you need to be discreet and quick to go unnoticed when capturing these moments before somebody notices you and gives you a cheese smile.

I LOVE having that opportunity to make people happy (that’s why I chose to be a wedding photographer in this specific style) plus I enjoy taking photographs of people. I want you to see your wedding day from somebody elses unique perspective. 

Photography for me is a way of life and a passion and has never felt like it’s just a job.

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