Maurice Roberts


Maurice Roberts I still look a bit like this, perhaps a little grey(er) and sometime I have a beard!

Hi again! Well about myself, I’m very lucky to have an amazing little family.

My amazing wife Paula, Charlie my boy and Pippa the dog who is a cross between a Bedlington terrier and a poodle. She’s lovely but wont listen to me only Paula – Pippa loves walks on the beach.

Larry the tortoise and Nutbush the budgie also get a mention. Larry is fast for a tortoise and loves to eat lots.

Nutty the budgie loves to sit on my head whilst I’m doing whatever i’m doing! Sometimes he’s ace, other times he loves to cause a bit of havoc!

I love photography as you may have already guessed. I am a keen observer of people and the moment. I believe the moment is the most important thing at a wedding and I look for expression, interaction, emotion, laughter and tears.

I photograph weddings in a less than traditional way as you can see in my wedding blog  which will give you a good flavour for my shooting style.

In my spare time I love to go for days out to the beach with my family, mountain bike rides to our local quarry, dog walks with Pippa (the bedoodle or some may say poodlington), bbq’s, paddle boarding and surfing and lots more…..


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